Neal Cappellino is an Usui Tibetan Reiki Level III Master/Teacher specializing in applying the healing properties of sound and vibration to this popular modality. Through his career in music as an engineer/producer he brings knowledge through experience in the field of sound to his energy work.
Through a lifelong involvement in music, Neal has fostered creativity and intuition as a natural way of interacting with the world. As a counterpart to that, he also holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering which provides a foundation of physics to understand and explain systems of energy in academic terms.
As different as these two approaches may seem he draws inspiration from  each and finds a place of equilibrium between them. He is equally comfortable with the science and the mystery, and within the healing arts he integrates this synthesis into his own unique offering.
The use of instruments and recordings as well as the ancient Solfeggio scale embedded within the music helps to organize and augment the energy component for a powerful and effective healing. He enjoys offering this work to his community in individual healing sessions, Distance Healing, and Reiki Instruction & Attunements.
Presentation on Energy Healing & Sound - March 4, 2018
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