... Reiki ...

"two of the great lessons humanity

will learn in the 21st century will be:

to harm another is to harm oneself

when you heal yourself, you heal the world"

yung pueblo

Rei  universal, divine, source
Ki    vital energy (chi, qi, prana)
A modern translation of the traditional Japanese kanji for Reiki is 'spitirual energy' or the Universal Life Force Energy that animates and forms all things and sentient beings.
The practice of Reiki works with this Universal Life Force Energy through a system of techniques applied by a practitioner who has been attuned to receive and channel energy for healing. A Reiki treatment will support your own natural capacity for healing and act to harmonize and reconnect you with this Universal Energy.
Think of it as an 'intelligent' energy, as Reiki clears and enhances according to the needs of the recipient. While it's channeled and applied by the practitioner, you will draw it into your body where it is needed just as long as you remain open to receive it. In this way you have a role in the treatment process too, as Reiki supports you to heal yourself.
Some benefits you may experience from Reiki...
~ deep relaxation
~ stress & anxiety reduction
~ muscle relaxation
~ pain relief
~ immune system support
~ promotes & quickens the healing process
~ clears negative energy, thoughts, worries
~ emotional balance, equilibrium
~ groundedness, centered, sense of wellbeing
~ mental clarity
~ increased awareness, attention in present time
~ reconnects to creativity
~ re-establishes connection to others, nature
~ remote healing, sending Reiki to a person or situation
~ end of life transitional assistance

Preparing for a Reiki session:


Getting the most from your Reiki session is simple and taking a few steps to prepare will ensure you have the best experience possible. Here are a few things to consider:


1. Drink plenty of water the day before/of the session. Water is a conductor for electromagnetic energy and we’re working with your energy. The more ‘fluid’ the field, the easier things will move for you.

2. Avoid alcohol a few days prior to your session. It can dehydrate you and dull your senses, obscuring the subtle aspects of energy work.

3. Try to avoid caffeine the day of your session. Caffeine tends to make the mind more active and we’re attempting to quiet the mind.

4. For in-person sessions, wear comfortable clothing that is easy to lay down in. Skirts or dresses not recommended.

5. Align yourself mentally for the session by bringing a mindful disposition. This can be done by finding some quiet time, stillness, meditation, a walk in nature, journaling, etc. Whatever works for you to achieve a sense of calmness and equilibrium beforehand. Leave a little extra time to get to the session to avoid feeling hectic upon arrival.

6. Set an intention to heal. Agree to be open to the healing process in whatever form that it takes. Agree to be a willing participant in your own healing.

7. Be informed. If it’s your first experience with Reiki or with me as a practitioner, feel free to ask questions either before or after the session about Reiki energy work or my particular process.

8. Inform me if you have anything I should be aware of. These could include neck, head or back issues, sensitivities to aromas or incense, sensitivities to sound, temperature, lights, etc.


While in the session:

Relax, be present. At the very minimum your Reiki session should bring you deep relaxation and you can augment this by allowing yourself to relax into the experience without the need to analyze or keep track of things. Let go of distractions and mind chatter. A simple technique is to concentrate on your breathing, taking deep breaths in and out, bringing your awareness to your body and letting the mind go. You won’t miss it while it’s offline.


You may doze or go to sleep and that’s ok. If possible stay conscious. Energy work yields some pretty amazing things to experience if you’re available. These can include a variety of sense perceptions like brilliant colors, visualizations, inner sounds, heat/cold waves, cocoon-like energy that engulfs the head or body, physical registers or involuntary movements, intensity of feeling in a particular area of the body, emotional releases, memory stimulation, information downloads or insights, relaxed respiration and heart rate, weightlessness or floating sensation.


Trust. Your confidence in the process is a necessary component of the session. Even when you intellectually agree to be here, if you don’t fully trust the process you can block its effect. Your confidence in me is greatly appreciated and it’s my intention to honor that trust and assist you in realizing an effective healing.