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Past-Life Regression Hypnotherapy

What is Hypnosis? 

Hypnosis is a way to explain the 'suggestibility of the mind' that is possible by achieving a balance between wakefulness and sleep. When the mind enters this zone it becomes more open to suggestibility, and when properly applied in this altered state it's called hypnosis.


"What a human being needs most to survive spiritually are transcendent experiences...

What is sorely lacking in modern society are transcendent experiences!"

Huston Smith                      

Hypnosis in the context of Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy (PLRH) is the technique by which someone is guided by a skilled therapist into a state existing between wakefulness and sleep. It may be familiar to you as that lucid zone of deeper resting when you aren’t fully awake, but you’re immersed in thoughts, feelings and imagery. Or in sleep, the shallow dream state when you know you’re dreaming and can decide to stay there, yet some part of you is consciously aware. It can be a slippery place to hold onto, but when we achieve a balance allowing us to linger in that zone it’s rich with information.


The information that comes to you in dreams come from 'soul consciousness' and are like emails to yourself that have to be deciphered. Likewise the associations between you and what you’re experiencing in a hypnosis session are not always clear or immediately understood, but they are relevant and contain important data that hints at what the soul is bringing forward in this particular time for you to look at. The work of decoding is a skill that takes time to develop. That’s where a hypnotherapy session can help. It’s tricky to maintain these lucid ‘in-between’ states because our ego jumps in and the thinking mind tries to take over. If you lose your balance the bubble bursts and it’s gone. With hypnotherapy you'll receive guided assistance in achieving and maintaining this delicate state of awareness, crossing the veil between soul consciousness and ego consciousness. Think of it as your own 'soul sherpa' guiding you on the trek inward.

When we get there the landscape is rich with opportunity because we’re accessing the wisdom stream of the collective consciousness. The Akashic record the collection of everything that was ever said, done, thought or felt by everyone that ever existed. That includes you, your soul through it’s many journeys and incarnations. From the wisdom stream your higher self can access information that pertains to the soul’s history, things that are needed to continue to grow, learn and thrive in the here and now.


Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy requires one to accept the concept of reincarnation. That is, we’ve all been here many times before and the soul keeps returning to the perpetual classroom of our planet Earth. In fact we tend to recirculate in rather close groups often sharing a life with someone that we had relation to in a previous life, i.e. ‘soul groups’. Did you ever meet someone new and feel unmistakably that you know them so well already? That’s a form of soul recognition stemming from a previous life shared. In his biography ‘There Is A River’ Edgar Cayce reconciled the sometimes challenging concept of reincarnation with his devout Christian belief while under trance he was given the very history of his past lives and so many of his patients. The wisdom of many indigenous cultures including our own western philosophers, educators and mystics understood the soul’s pilgrimage through many lifetimes, engaged in the process of spiritual evolution.


A PLRH session provides an opportunity for you to approach this knowledge for yourself.

Who were you in past lives? Was there an event or relationship that has carried forward into this life that you need to know about? What are your challenges now? What do you need to learn? Who are the people around you now relative to previous incarnations?


Your own unique soul history is available to bring out of the wisdom stream and into your conscious awareness. It takes time to acclimatize to the process and we’ll be patient in the pursuit. A meditation practice is the most useful thing you can do to be prepared in advance for the best outcome. The exercise of quieting self and balancing in stillness is simple, yet sometimes difficult for our busy minds. Well worth the effort though and a most intriguing enterprise.

Inquire Within

••• PLRH Session 2+ hrs; $150 •••
Certification in PLRH through coursework at the Edgar Cayce's Association for Research & Enlightenment headquarters under the instruction of Peter Woodbury.