... Using Sound ...

“Divine sound is the cause of all manifestation. The knower of the mystery of sound knows the mystery of the whole universe.”

~ Hazrat Inayat Khan

On Sound

A Suggestion of How Sound Heals


Premise 1

Sound organizes energy into matter. The Universe is composed of energy and all energy is a field in vibration. Everything that exists is in some state of vibration. In the absence of an organizing function the result would be energetic entropy. No patterns, cycles, rhythms or shapes to be found. Just a wild randomized soup of potential in chaos. Sound comes into play as a creative force organizing the field of energy by way of imposing a quality of tone and frequency. It establishes predictable rhythmic cycles that generate order, forcing energy to take shape as matter in the tangible world. Whether you think of the primordial Om, or that God ‘spoke’ the world into existence, these mythological references point to the concept that sound was instrumental in the creation architecture of the universe, applying frequency to energy to make matter.


Cymatics is the science of sound made visible. By pouring salt or sand representing energy particles in a state of randomness on a sheet of metal and applying sound the vibrations cause the salt to organize symmetrically into geometric patterns. The scale and complexity of the patterns is directly proportional to the frequency applied. The lower the frequency the larger and more simple the pattern. The higher the frequency the smaller and more complex. Sound organizing particles into form.


Premise 2

Implications of Frequency: Everything is in vibration and one of the parameters of vibration is frequency. What determines the frequency of vibration and how does that affect our world and the healing process? In simple terms things vibrating at lower frequencies have higher density. Conversely a higher rate of vibration results in less dense substance. Think of the example of H2O. In its lowest vibratory state or low frequency state it exists in it’s most dense form as ice. Raise the frequency (by applying heat) and it becomes less dense turning to water. Excite the atoms to a higher vibratory frequency and it assumes its least dense form of steam.


Just the same as H2O, out thoughts and emotions are a part of our energy reality and have a frequency component too. If you attune to the ‘feeling’ of your thoughts and emotions you can tell that they have the same corresponding differences in density as well. For example hate, fear, jealousy, deceit, malice, etc., are thoughts and emotions that are low frequency in vibration and carry a density or weight to them that is physically palpable. They can ‘weigh us down’, feel heavy, sap our energy, or even have a cast of darkness to their hue (lower frequency in color). Higher vibration thoughts and emotions such as forgiveness, love, grace, compassion, will have an associated lightness or lifting feeling presenting an airy physical sensation associated with energizing us and having a bright sensation and color.


In metaphysical studies a very basic concept is that of ‘like attracts like’. We magnetize to ourselves that which we exhibit. If we carry low frequency, dense, heavy emotions and thoughts about ourselves and the world we will attract people and energies of the same density into our field. If we exhibit high frequency brightness as a result of positive, uplifting thoughts and emotions this is what will be drawn to us. In this sense we affect the energy of our world because we can affect the frequency of our thoughts and emotions. That in turn will manifest in the physical dimension because don’t forget, frequency imposes itself on matter. This can have either a constructive effect or a destructive effect.



Premise 3

How does Sound Heal?

A. When you introduce sound to the healing process, considering that it’s a thoughtful sound (more on that later) it’s not just an auditory phenomenon. The body picks up on sound vibrations very effectively. The first beneficial result is that attention is taken away from the thinking mind and directed towards the imaginative mind. Creative stimulus in turn stimulates creativity (imagination). The monkey mind retreats and the visceral experience unfolds. Imagery, memories, colors, emotions, even smells get brought to the conscious awareness where before there was just a tickertape of endless data. A new landscape unfolds silencing the left brain and freeing the right hemisphere. The result is relaxation and stress reduction. Lower blood pressure and heart rate, lower cortisol (fight or flight hormone). The conscious awareness shifts from thinking to feeling.

B. The body experiences sound stimulus in a purely physical sense consisting of vibrations. The body and all its parts are in their own vibration dance and when we’re in good health everything is vital, flowing and vibrating. When we accumulate negative stimulus in our lives it affects us physically even if we’re not talking about a physical event. Carolyn Myss says “your biography becomes your biology.” What she’s saying is your mental, emotional and spiritual experiences become part of your physiology. When something happens to introduce an injury, be it mental, emotional, physical or spiritual, the body’s energy system gets to work organizing the healing process to attend to it. If the energy system isn’t functioning optimally or we’re overtaxed energetically, it can’t do the job. The result is we’ll start borrowing energy from our physical body to make up the deficit. If this persists chronically for a long enough time we will most certainly show physical symptoms and possibly become ill. In this way a negative experience that we don’t fully heal from becomes lodged in our bodies, causing blockages in our tissues and organs that results in damage on a cellular level. We lose vital energy and what was an otherwise healthy vibrating system has become diminished or dormant. Introducing sound can start to shake things loose and wake up those dormancies, reinvigorate the cells and jumpstart them into vibration again. Much like a tone from an instrument will start another adjacent instrument to resonate, the process is like entraining your body into vibration again. This is helpful in preparing the energy system for healing by loosening areas that have become tight, hardened and low in vibrational activity. It opens the pathways for energy to conduct through the body, reducing stress, relaxing the structure so that the energy system can be open and receptive to healing.


C.  Sound as a Carrier of Messages: If we take it on faith that thoughts and emotions have frequencies, then we might look at the concept of Intent as it relates to frequency too.

Intent: act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result; purpose or attitude toward the effect of one’s actions or conduct.


When the action is creating music we’re working in the space of organizing frequencies and vibrations to a desired effect, but not simply in terms of a string vibrating or a drum resonating. Thoughts and emotions will imbue the creation with the attitude and purpose of the performer/creator. The point of inspiration, via thoughts and emotions, is embedded into the action of making sound through the phenomenon of Intent. The imposition of frequency is necessarily beyond the specific notes of the instruments, indeed outside of the range of human hearing. The performance is encoded with frequencies of the energetic field as determined by the thoughts and emotions associated with the authors reasons for creating it. When music is listened to it's received through the ears and the whole body, but also through the energy system which acts to decode it on many levels. We decode music mathematically, structurally, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Aware or unaware we decode the thoughts and emotions of the creator through the embedded frequency of their Intent; their quality and tone of consciousness if you will. The frequencies of consciousness that we’re encoding and decoding are much higher than what we hear, extending into the range of our auric bodies, etheric fields and beyond.

"When unmanifest existence - often referred to as space or silence - began to reverberate, the first manifestation was sound." ~Sadhguru